1 Month with my new family

It's been 1 month since I was adopted by my humans : Mathieu and Déborah and so many many things have happened already. I weigh 4 kilos more already ! I love chicken and carrot. I started eating BARF 😛 It's so great. Chicken and carott to start. Then, bones and then liver and eggs,… Continue reading 1 Month with my new family

Laura the pet educator

Laura Luciani from Athleti Dog went home to give some advice to my humans and it was great. she is very passionate about dogs and her job and she really shares her knowledge with all her heart. She showed Deborah how to make me understand when I do wrong in a positive way and when… Continue reading Laura the pet educator

BARF – 1rst month

The original BARF diet comes from Dr. Ian Billinghurst research. The BARF diet was originally defined as Bones And Raw Food diets but has since been changed to Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. For Haiku we followed PRECISELY the advices given by the French Community : BARF-ASSO and everything started very well this first month. We calcultaed… Continue reading BARF – 1rst month