Laura the pet educator

Laura Luciani from Athleti Dog went home to give some advice to my humans and it was great. she is very passionate about dogs and her job and she really shares her knowledge with all her heart.

She showed Deborah how to make me understand when I do wrong in a positive way and when I do right in the most precise way and what to do to reward me properly, how to play with me and teach me new things.

And all of these things are actually just tools to communicate better with my humans and having a great relationship with them.

She told them some usefull positive tricks and to buy me a Kong to occupy me whaen I am alone, and the wolf of wilderness’s bite of dryed meat, because as I follow a barf diet I cannot mix classic cereals with raw food.

She does a lot of drog trainig with her own dogs but my human are not to much into that. Thay just wanted to learn more about “positive pet education”

My human don’t always share the same point of view about my education but they are both against the fact of being “tough” using “loud voices” and”neck grip”. They try to raise me with softness and kindness, reward and repetition so that I learn in my neurologic pattern what’s good for me and that I have to listen to them to be happy (and to get chicken of course).

Thanks to Laura’s advice I learned very quickly what “NO” means, “GOOD”, “SEAT” and “DON’T MOVE” and the freedom word : “YESSS GO AHEAD”

Thank you Laura for sharing so much useful and important things in only 2 hours.

My humans are also interested in T-Touch method. Have you heard of that ? They try to meet someone using this technique :






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