1 Month with my new family

It’s been 1 month since I was adopted by my humans : Mathieu and Déborah and so many many things have happened already.

I weigh 4 kilos more already ! I love chicken and carrot. I started eating BARF 😛 It’s so great. Chicken and carott to start. Then, bones and then liver and eggs, I will tell you more about this later but it feel great !

I ate goat poop once. Yummy. But I ate ants also but it was scratchy and I got one in my nose. I hated it. Oh. And I tried to eat a dead sparrow.

I followed my human everywhere and I learned to answer my named : “Haiku ! Come !” I also learned very quickly to seat as you probably know. And I am currently learning not to move even when my human go far.


I learned how to come back home 🙂 and it was long to understand that I lived at the 3rd floor but now I get it.

One day there was so much wind (during Adrian storm) that I thought I was flying.

I love hugs and massages 🙂 I get one every evening at least. Sometimes several in the day when I get lucky.

I met a lot of new friends ❤ All sizes and all ages and I love everybody. Except maybe the shy dog or the agressives dog, but it’s a bit early to be sure.

I love to play a lot. And I may do a funny choregraphy sometimes. My favourite game are running after my human (they have the chicken) then a cord or a ball. I love to bite to but I am told not to do so I bite less and less with the day.

I met a ferret, very nice, but I wanted to eat it very much, starting with the head, …. Oh I couldn’t… but I really wanted to…. Woof…

I met also a lot of human ❤ I love them sooooo much. Especially my human’s friends. And I love so much the woman with the ferret even if she doesn’t let me eat it.

I learned to wake my human up in the morning. They don’t need alarm clock amynore 🙂 When I wake up I am so happy that I come to their room and I yawn very loudly. They usually are very happy to and they hug me 🙂 I just can’t come in the bed so I sat next to it.

I learned a lot of things and tricks. Like how to express my needs to my human and how to get always more chicken. I am very good at it. ahaha.

I was sick one day….. 😦 And I went to the vet. Worst experience ever. Stupid vet. Woof.

I learned to do yoga everyday. And I like it. True story. I also like a lot the people at yoga. Of course one day I peed in the yoga studio. In front of everybody whoahahahahahaaaa.

I met Laura a pet educator. And she was great. 🙂 I went to a puppy class and it was fun.

I slept a lot! And every where !













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