People say Akita needs to be socialized, well I am over socialized!!!

I love everybody I met this month (except the vet but it’s a bad vet) And I made a lot of friends. I love to play cause I am a puppy and I love to meet new dogs and new humans. When I play too much the big dogs tells me to stop and that’s ok… but 5 minutes later I will try again whouhahahahaaa


I try to impress my friend at the beach by making some choregraphy. I am scary don’t you think ???

sometimes I really love a lot my friend. Mathieu says it’s a sign of “dominance” that I always go to meet others and that I love to play like this. But Deborah doesn’t know what “dominance” means.


I have plenty other friends but my humans don’t take pictures of everything cause they are too occupied at laughing and watching after me. But keep in touch with us and you will see more as I grow old 😉

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