BARF – 1rst month

The original BARF diet comes from Dr. Ian Billinghurst research. The BARF diet was originally defined as Bones And Raw Food diets but has since been changed to Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. For Haiku we followed PRECISELY the advices given by the French Community : BARF-ASSO and everything started very well this first month.

We calcultaed every week the new proportion of food she needed according to her weight and with the help of this calculator we made her meal day by day. (I am sorry I haven’t check the English BARF site yet so the links are o French site)

Of course before we started we thought about how are we going to do, technically to get this amount of meat and keep it fresh and financially of course. And we found out that it was not so difficult to organise and not so expensive (even if the first month are a bit expensive because of the chicken exclusive meal). So we started 🙂

Capture d_écran 2018-11-15 à 18.41.13

These are the indicative volume of food Haiku is allowed to eat now she weight 8 kilos. So more or less 480/500g of food per day.

The first 2 weeks we gave her only chicken and smashed carrots without any bone nor anything. She was lighter and had only 300g of chicken and half a big spoon of smashed raw carrots per day. Because she is a little puppy we divide her meal during the day  :

1/3 the morning as a meal

1/3 during the day as reward and for education, etc, etc

1/3 the evening as dinner

Capture d_écran 2018-11-15 à 18.21.58Capture d_écran 2018-11-15 à 18.22.05

The easiest is to freeze the portion so that you don’t have to always weigh evryday and smash everyday. So we make a big amount of smashed carrots and we divide it and we store it in the fridge.

What I appreciated the most is that I noticed the big change of her digestion. The first week she was with us we had kept the sams food she had with her moma akita (industrial cereal, cooked rice and cooked thuna-don’t know why but this is what she had) and when we strated BARF (chicken and carrot only) I saw the difference in 2 days. She made smaller poops, less smelly, more compact. In 2 days. Quick and satisfying adaptation. 🙂 But of course if it doesn’t work as fast well for your dog don’t panic, be patient, just get informed, find solution, read book, learn about possible allergy, complication, adaptation, etc, etc just don’t give up and do not mix up cereal and industiel diet with barf diet ! That is an important point. Choose all one or all another. Very important advice for your dog health.


Capture d_écran 2018-11-15 à 18.22.14

This is what her portion of rewards looks like. Just raw chicken cutted in litlle piece. This is with what we started to teach her to seat, to follow us, to obey, etc, etc, we use it exactly like the pet rewards you can find in the industry. (Of course it is more convenient if you have a dryer and you can dry it but it’s not so bad really)

And now she has started eating more thing as chicken legs, chicken wings, with bones, chicken liver and eggs and everything introduce day by day and week after week. But don’t improvise your dog diet. We read a lot, observe and follow rules to respect her digestive system before introducing new meat. For example the last pictures shows one dinner meal of Haiku. But it is not a very balanced meal in itself because she has not smashed vegetables mix and a lot of bony element compare to her needs. We made this meal like that on purpose to balance the food she had during this day. A lot of chicken without any bones (she needs bones because she is a growing puppy) and she already had all her vegetable (she doesn’t need too much otherwise her poop can get liquid) so looking through the day it was perfectly balanced and she had absolutely no problem eating this :


Capture d_écran 2018-11-15 à 18.21.55


I will let you know how the further month are going.

Don’t hesitate to ask me any question and to comment.

It is just how we do with Haiku. We advice every one to do as they feel and to only follow their gut and their trustful vet.


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