STEP 1 : To teach Haiku how to seat, I started at home the 3rd day she had moved we us. I waited for her to seat casually, randomly, and when she did I congratulated her with caress and lot of joy and by saying “seat” (“assis” in french) I did it several time until she linked the pose with the word. It took her less than an afternoon to get it. ๐Ÿ™‚

STEP 2 : So I trained her the very same day to obey instantly. Still at home. This time the game was : when I said โ€œHaiku seatโ€ she seats instantly and as soon as she seats she gets a reward. (at this time she got a tiny piece of raw chicken). After 2-3 try I saw she connected very clearly that seating and looking at me was the things to do to get chicken because she started seating and looking at me a lot and at anytime.

So cute and funny !

After this first tricks learned we had a warm and good fun together by playing without learning any precise tricks just to relax.

STEP 3 : The day after I started to tell her to seat when while outside in a place she knows well and when ther was nobody around. And she did perfectly well and was rewarded just as well as in the appartement. Caress, joy and chicken. And I repeated this exercices several time during the day always in the same condition, but not always at the same place. Sometimes in the park, sometimes at the beach, somtimes in front of the appartement door…. etc etc

STEP 4 : Now she got it we started to complicate the exercice. She has to seat in different condition when we ask, even if there are dogs or people or more interesting things to do. So we gradually level up the difficulties. But we always work or at least finish the “training” with an exercice in wich we know she is successful for her to feel good of course. And now, even when there are friends around her playing she seats when we ask. And of course she gets her reward for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

But we introduce difficulties step by step. For now she got it. We’ll see later how she obey growing older. But it is very fun to do.


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