Hello my name is Haïku I am an Akita Inu living in Corsica and born the 4th of August in Corte. My human family has created a blog to share with you all that I love to do and how they try to raise me. My humans are not professionnal pet educator at all but they are very curious and like to teach me a lot of things. Sometimes they do right sometimes they do wrong but I feel they are true and full of love for me so I forgive them because I love them to. And chicken. I do love chicken very much. Find more of our stories and tips on the blog 🙂  💋🐕🎉

Welcome on You can find find here stories, tips, and inspiration. We are not professionnal. We just love our dog, animals, and nature very much. Please feel free to ask and comment or to write us at :

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